REVELATION 11-22 contains A Tale of Two Temples, A Tale of Two Witnesses, and A Tale of Two […]
THE REVELATION OF JOHN, or THE APOCALYPSE is a treasure trove that yields its riches with some difficulty, […]
I JOHN is unusual among New Testament epistles for having neither the usual salutations, identifying both the author […]
PSALM 141 combines the elements of a wisdom Psalm (vv. 3-5a) with those of a lament over the […]
HEBREWS 10-13 makes most sense if we remember two things: holy fear and holy desire. The holy desire […]
HEBREWS is a letter that was written like a sermon. No author’s name is given, though some have […]
II TIMOTHY 1-4 contains a great many personal details about Paul’s imprisonment (Most likely Rome) toward the end […]
II THESSALONIANS gives us insight into the apocalyptic teachings of the apostles and the first generations of Christians. […]
COLOSSIANS recounts one side of a common conflict among Christians, especially the first generation of believers from a […]
EPHESIANS 2-6 contains much that the modern world finds inspiring, such as the vision of unity through diversity, […]