It came in the mail, unsolicited and unwanted. Like 90% of my mail. And I was about to pitch it out. Again, like 90% of my mail. But then I noticed the title of the CD in the little square mailer: Obsession. Someone had told me about, and that I should expect to get it, based on the fact that I live, breathe and have an address. A few people minus some of those qualifications may have gotten it, too. And it came at the height of this year's fall election season. Just a coincidence? Maybe.

So I watched it. Not the happiest hour of my life. It wasn't so much what it had that bothered me. I'm not aware that this "documentary" contains any doctored facts or footage. Its what it didn't have. Like some of the things I address in my review and response to Obsession, which you can download at Download Obsession.doc. Basically, its my attempt at formulating an Anabaptist Christian response to terrorism of any kind, religious, economic and more. By "terrorism" I mean any attempt to brainwash and blackmail us into acting a desired way through the use of terror. By that definition, "Obsession" may itself be a form of soft-core terrorism. I'd be interested in knowing what you think.

Pastor Mathew Swora

Emmanuel Mennonite Church




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