That could be the sound of markets tanking as the greed-fest winds down and those who never got a chance to pig out at the trough are left with the bill.

 Or it could be the sound of a legion of militaristic spirits taking their discipline to extreme and charging, like Pharoah's charioteers, into the sea to their deaths.

It was certainly the sound of panic in response to the first ever Christian mission to the Gentiles, after Jesus and his disciples stepped out of the boat and onto the Gentile side of the Sea of Galilee (Mark 5: 1-20). But in the sounds of porcine panic can be heard overtones of militarism and greed, as I bring out in the attached drama, "Two Kinds of Spirits; Two Kinds of Possession," accessible at Download gerasene_demoniac.opd and in the message delivered at Emmanuel Mennonite Church, Download gerasene_demoniac.doc, delivered on Sunday, September 28. As strange as this gospel story might strike a 21st Century audience, I find elements about it that are current events, or at least a way to interpret them. I'd be interested in knowing if you see the same.

In Christ,

Mathew Swora, pastor



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