….rule in your hearts, for to peace you were called, as members of one body.” (Colossians 3:15).

And just how do we do that? When fear is a growth industry, a political strategy, and a necessary bodily response to things like lions, cobras and fear-mongering politicians? And of what value is it to proclaim ourselves a peace church if we are personally agitated, reactive and driven by fear to lash out, kill people’s characters and reputations, if not their bodies, and judgmentally divide ourselves up as “us” and “them?” That’s why I solicited help from members of the congregation last week, asking them to share with me about how they restore peace, whenever they are knocked off balance by fear or anger. In last Sunday’s message (July 27, 2008) you’ll find many of the helpful thoughts that were submitted to me, at Download the_peace_of_christ.doc.



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