Guilt, grudges, or responsibility?

But isn’t that where most of us get stuck, spiritually and in our relationships? And not just in our relationships with each other. Also in relationships marred by histories of guilt and grudges. Like over slavery. The Crusades. The dispossession and destruction of Native American nations. How and why should I forgive? Or be forgiven? Or am I even responsible for anything that my ancestors did? Or had done to them? After all, I wasn’t there when slaves were sold in my country. Nor was I there Native Americans were rounded up from my native Ohio and driven west, to Oklahoma.

But was it done in my name? And have I benefitted in any way from it?


From I Samuel 25 comes the story of a gutsy woman who took responsibility when others around her were stuck in grudges and guilt: Abigail. With David and his army bearing down on her and her family because of her husband’s insult and stinginess, Abigail took responsibility to respond as she was able. Which is what peace-makers do.

And for ideas on what we can do and have done, check out last Sunday’s message at Download nabal_word.doc.



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