So what’s with all the animal references? Last week it was turkeys, this week its lions. In this latest message, the leonine imagery is justified, because Peter uses it to symbolize "our ancient foe," "the accuser of the brethren," "the tempter." "So do you believe in the devil?" someone asked me after this message was delivered. In some times and places, it might be easier to believe in the existence of the devil than in the existence of a good and almighty God. But if I take Jesus seriously, then I have to "give the devil his due," at least for existing and working, ever so subtly, by the power of fear. Unlike Martin Luther while he was translating the Bible, I will throw no ink well at the adversary. Just a few words to unmask him and his bag of tricks. And hopefully leave us with more faith than fear, at Download roaringlion.doc . Anyone for a safari?


Mathew Swora, pastor, Emmanuel Mennonite Church



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