Which does us more harm? In this age of terrorism, winner-takes-all politics, and growing scarcities, which are more […]
I can remember the date, the place and even the time when I answered an altar call because […]
The story I heard on public radio was about a person who bought a three-legged fryer at the […]
Lent is not so much about what we give up, as its about what God gives us. I […]
It has been more than three years since my return from a sabbatical trip through Africa (Burkina Faso, […]
So what’s with all the animal references? Last week it was turkeys, this week its lions. In this […]
I’m very proud of this sermon. But maybe I shouldn’t be. Because its about a life and death […]
OR, WHY JUST FOUR GOSPELS? “Why do you guys have four gospels?” my Muslim friends ask, on the […]
It’s not for you! I wrote it just for myself, in response to I Peter 5: 1-4, and […]
You’d think that that is what we are, according to some people, even us pacifist Mennonites, because we […]