What to Expect

We come together on Sundays at 9:30am as a community to worship God and learn to follow Jesus more authentically. This is followed by a time of fellowship and refreshments at 10:45am where we get to connect with each other and be family. Then we enjoy about an hour of Christian education time for all ages, sometimes separated by age group, sometimes together, starting at 11:15am. We’re usually finished with our gathering times by about 12:15pm.

Our greeters will welcome you warmly and give you a bulletin so you can see the order of worship and read about announcements and upcoming events.

Our Building

We meet in an old brick building, built in 1912, that is owned by a Lutheran church. There are stained glass windows and an old pipe organ that are permanent focal points in the building. It has pews for seating, and some flashy carpet colors to enjoy. It isn’t perfect, but neither are we. Unfortunately, the building has many stairs and no elevator, so it does not have good access for people with special physical needs. We are currently searching for a new location to meet in that is accessible for all people. But for now, we do our best with what we have. The acoustics are nice and we have classroom space for Christian education classes.

For the Children

We love children of all ages! In case you need it, we have a nursery with a changing table, as well as a downstairs restroom with a changing table. During our main gathering we have a time for the younger children to come up and hear a story that’s just for them before they join the nursery, if they want. Children are always allowed to stay with parents, too. We try to involve our older kids in the service where we can, either in ushering, or playing music, or reading scripture. We try to make a space for all ages to participate.


We enjoy a good mix of styles of music that are rooted in the traditional Mennonite style. We sing to piano and/or guitar, and enjoy many other instruments at times. We also enjoy four-part harmony and the occasional acapella song. We sing from The Hymnal Worship Book, Sing the Journey, and Sing the Story, as well as a wide array of other worship songs.

Teaching from the Bible

Our pastors are usually the ones to teach or preach on Sundays. However, we have many good leaders in our church who can give the sermon when the pastors are not available. Sometimes we do not have a traditional sermon at all, but the Word of God is always a focus of our gatherings, whether through song, or story, or activity. We like to be creative and mix things up.

Thinking about visiting? We’d love to welcome you. Join us this week!