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July 09, 2017: Mark Peter Lundquist Need a Little Kindness Today © 2017 Mark Peter Lundquist

July 02, 2017: Kim Becker Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner © 2017 Kim Becker

June 25, 2017: Chris Becker Remember and Don’t Forget © 2017 Chris Becker

June 18, 2017: Chris Becker What’s Normal? © 2017 Chris Becker

June 11, 2017: Kim Becker “Bind Us Together” (no audio file) © 2017 Kim Becker

June 04, 2017: Chris Becker A Pentecost to Remember © 2017 Chris Becker

May 28, 2017: Kim Becker A Love That is Stronger Than Our Fear © 2017 Kim Becker

May 21, 2017: Hesston College Bel Canto Choir Concert

May 14, 2017: Kim Becker What’s Your Sign? © 2017 Kim Becker

May 07, 2017: Chris Becker This is What Salvation Looks Like © 2017 Chris Becker

April 30, 2017: Chris Becker Of Ghosts and Baked Fish © 2017 Chris Becker

April 23, 2017: Kim Becker Close Encounter: On the Road to Emmaus © 2017 Kim Becker

April 16, 2017: Kim Becker Midwives of Hope © 2017 Kim Becker

April 09, 2017: Chris Becker Do You Have Eyes to See? © 2017 Chris Becker

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